Balance of RC plane

For a stable flight and experience of piloting the model, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct balance of the aircraft model. In order for the model to fly stably, it is necessary to have it properly assembled and balanced is one of the most important issues. It is not entirely easy to achieve this. Balancing the aircraft model, ie the correct setting, is simple and accurate with the CG GURU electronic balancer.

Balance model plane CG GURU can … 

… work with any aircraft model

CG GURU can balance any model aircraft, whether it is an aircraft with or without a landing gear, a glider, a delta or a flying wing.

… longitudinally balance the plane

Positioning the equipment or adding weights to the right place will ensure accurate longitudinal CG of aircraft. The position of the current center of gravity relative to the desired one will be shown on the display on your phone connected with Wifi.

… will show you the longitudinal axis of the aircraft

CG GURU evaluates the load on the landing gear. Therefore, you can easily check the desired and true longitudinal axis of the aircraft model.

… calculates the weight of the additional weight

In case of incorrect center of gravity, CG GURU calculates the weight of the additional weight to be shown at a predetermined location in order to balance the model.

… determine the weight of the aircraft

In real time, you can see the current weight of the aircraft and the weight pressure on the main landing gear wheels on the screen.

CG GURU can’t be missed in any modeliing workshop. Balancing the aircraft model with CG GURU gives you the confidence that the amazing feeling of piloting the model will never spoil the center of gravity.

With CG GURU you balance all types of aircraft models

It doesn't matter if your model has a landing gear with a nosewheel or a tailwheel, whether it is a glider, a delta without a landing gear, or a flyingwing. With GU GURU, you set the right CG in every aircraft model

Setting the CG of the model with CG GURU BASIC

Setting the CG of the model is one of the most important factors in the model’s stable flight. CG GURU BASIC is an electronic balancer of all types of aircraft, with or without undercarriage, gliders, delta models without undercarriage, or even on self-wings. The CG GURU BASIC electronic balancer gives you a simple and very accurate comparison of the required center of gravity from the […]

Balance model plane with CG GURU ADVANCE

Balancing the aircraft model with CG GURU ADVANCE simplifies, accelerates and makes your model safer. CG GURU ADVANCE 10, 20 and 50 electronic balancers can calculate the weight of the added weight in the space you define. Classical balancing is often not a simple matter. Model folding, balancing, adding weight, rebalancing… All this several times around. With “rocking” balancers, this is often dangerous for the […]


Superstructures and aids for electronic balancing of aircraft models help with setting the CG for models without a landing gear. They also help with the alignment of the models, especially with the tailwheel to the level of balancing, as well as the alignment of the model under construction.

Čo o CG GURU povedali

Michal from Slovakia

Michal from Slovakia

“I was very pleased to find out as a modeler on the web portal that it is possible to buy an electronic balancer, made, so to speak,” at home “. I bought the device and tested it on smaller models with EDF drive (as I only deal with categories According to the device, I had basically all the planes, so to speak, “balanced.” It didn’t […]

Dominik from Poland

Dominik from Poland

CG GURU to wspaniałe urządzenie. W dosłownie 5 min można wyważyć każdy model i to na lotnisku dzięki użyciu urządzeń mobilnych i zwykłego power bank. Cg guru jest bardzo proste w obsłudze i nie zabiera dużo miejsca. Polecam każdemu kto stawia na niezawodność i bezpieczeństwo lotu. CG GURU is a wonderful device. In just 5 minutes you can balance each model at the airport thanks […]

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