Balance model plane with CG GURU ADVANCE

Balancing the aircraft model with CG GURU ADVANCE simplifies, accelerates and makes your model safer. CG GURU ADVANCE 10, 20 and 50 electronic balancers can calculate the weight of the added weight in the space you define.

Classical balancing is often not a simple matter. Model folding, balancing, adding weight, rebalancing… All this several times around. With “rocking” balancers, this is often dangerous for the model. And “laying the model on the inches” is inaccurate, which is reflected in the different behavior of the model in different phases of flight. This can have fatal consequences for the model.
CG GURU ADVANCE for aircraft model balancing brings a huge advantage. You specify where you have space for the extra weight in the model and CG GURU ADVANCE calculates the weight of the extra weight for that space.

Balance model plane with CG GURU ADVANCE – How does it work

Connect your smartphone, laptop or other WiFi-enabled device with a web browser to CG GURU ADVANCE. You select the aircraft type, specify the scale model as you would for the CG GURU BASIC. In addition, you enter the distance for the extra weight. Place the model aircraft on wheels or on a special stand. You can balance gliders, delta without undercarriage or self-wings. On the display (screen) you can see the difference between the defined center of gravity and the reality. First move what you can move. The weight of the weight that you must add to the model is updated in real time. So you don’t have to try again with different weights.

In practice, this means that in the model I have space for additional weights, for example in the nose of the aircraft, 70mm from the nose. CG GURU ADVANCE will accurately determine the weight of the weight so that the defined center of gravity is identical to the actual weight.