Setting the CG of the model with CG GURU BASIC

Setting the CG of the model is one of the most important factors in the model’s stable flight. CG GURU BASIC is an electronic balancer of all types of aircraft, with or without undercarriage, gliders, delta models without undercarriage, or even on self-wings. The CG GURU BASIC electronic balancer gives you a simple and very accurate comparison of the required center of gravity from the real one.

Setting the CG of the model – How does it work

To set the center of gravity of an aircraft model using CG GURU BASIC, you can connect any device with a web browser via WiFi. It can be a smartphone or even a laptop. You can enter the desired nose model measurements for illustrative pictures. You can either place the model directly on the sensors with wheels or we have a special stand for models without chassis. Depending on the weight distribution, you can see the difference between your desired center of gravity and the actual center of gravity of the aircraft model. By moving the components in the model, or by proving the extra weight, you will achieve a match between the desired and actual center of gravity of your model.

In practical balancing, you see this difference both numerically and graphically. By moving the devices or adding additional weights with CG GURU BASIC, you can easily and accurately set the exact center of gravity of the desired center of gravity.

Other possibilities.

In addition to setting the longitudinal center of gravity, CG GURU BASIC displays the total weight of the model and shifts the longitudinal axis of the model to one or the other side. That is, if your model is properly cross-balanced. You can also correct this in real time. The weight pressures on the wheels of the main chassis will tell you what type of “tires” to choose for your model.
Setting the CG of the model with CG GURU BASIC will give you the assurance that you have performed the balancing step correctly.
For the more demanding, we have prepared the CG GURU ADVANCE model, which can also calculate the required weight of the aircraft into the space you define.