CG GURU 10/20/50 ADVANCE – professional balancing of aircraft models

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CG GURU ADVANCE – professional electronic device, designed and manufactured for simple and very precise adjustment of the center of gravity of aircraft models.

Compared to the BASIC model, ADVANCE can calculate the required weight of the additional weight at a location defined by you and thus significantly simplify balancing.

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CG GURU ADVANCE are electronic aids for professional accurate balancing of the model of any type of aircraft. The position of the center of gravity is one of the most important factors for the stable flight of an aircraft model. With the help of CG GURU devices, you can precisely set the center of gravity of the aircraft, whether with a landing gear, or even a glider, a delta without a landing gear or a self-wing. This tool simply belongs in the hands of every modeler. With CG GURU ADVANCE, even a novice modeler can do it. However, its advantages are also appreciated by experienced modelers.

The CG GURU ADVANCE allows, in contrast to the CG GURU BASIC model, to calculate the weight of the additional weight required for a place defined by you in the aircraft model. This will greatly simplify the whole process of balancing, reloading, testing and rebalancing.

How does it work

CG GURU are designed for balancing aircraft models with a maximum weight of up to 10, 20, or 50 kg. Measure the distances of the landing gear from the nose of the aircraft model as accurately as possible. Simply place the landing gear on the CG GURU ADVANCE sensors. You do not need to install any application. Just use a web browser on your smartphone or other terminal with a wifi connection, enter the required parameters. On your smartphone you can see the current position of the center of gravity of your aircraft, the total weight of the model, the pressure on the wheels of the main landing gear, as well as the deflection of the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. First, it is advisable to approach the correct center of gravity by moving the devices in the model, and then by adding the calculated additional weight to a defined location, you will achieve the desired result.

For the CG GURU ADVANCE model, you also enter the space distance for additional weights. You do not have to fold the model, add weights and rebalance. Subsequently, CG GURU ADVANCE will provide you with the weight of the weight in the given place. You will complete it and you have a balanced model.

Power supply CG GURU connect the 5V / 0.5A power supply (USB charger, power bank) via the micro USB power cable included in the package.

The developers of A.M.E focus not only on how to precisely set the center of gravity of the aircraft. We are dedicated to the development and production of quality and precise equipment for all types of new generation modellers.

Package contents:

1x sensor on the front chassis or spur
2x sensor on the wheels of the main chassis
2x cable connections
1x micro-USB power cable
1x instruction

A mobile phone, terminal or other communication device is not included in the package.

Additional information

Max. weight of model

10 kg, 20 kg, 50kg


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